Unopinionated and extensible data tables for Svelte

Build and design powerful datagrid experiences while retaining 100% control over styles and markup.

Svelte Headless Table is designed to work seamlessly with Svelte. If you love Svelte, you will love Svelte Headless Table.


Beauty is subjective – everybody wants components to match their own theme! That's why Svelte Headless Table is headless by design. You are in full control of how your table looks, down to the very last component, class, and style.


Just describe how you want your tables to behave and let Svelte Headless Table handle the rest! It is designed with full TypeScript support and an intuitive API that lets you get started immediately.


Svelte Headless Table comes with a stable plugin system that allows you to transform and modify every step under the hood. If you want extra functionality, you can build it!


Svelte Headless Table comes with everything you will need...

  • Full TypeScript support
  • SvelteKit integration
  • SSR support
  • State management via stores
  • Highly performant
  • Fully customizable

As well as an extensive feature set!

  • Multi-sorting
  • Filtering by column values
  • Global filtering
  • Column reordering
  • Hiding columns
  • Pagination
  • Row grouping and aggregation
  • Row expansion
  • Row selection
  • Column resizing
  • Alternate layouts

Want to learn more? Visit the Plugin System to find out more.

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