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addGroupBy groups rows together based on column values and provides aggregated values for groups of rows. Grouped rows are modelled as sub-rows of a grouping row.

The id of a sub-row is in the format {parentId}>{id}. A nested sub-row can be referred to by concatenating the ids of its parent rows to the top-level row.


Options passed into addGroupBy.

const table = createTable(data, {
  group: addGroupBy({ ... }),

initialGroupByIds?: string[]

Sets the initial column ids to group on.

Defaults to [].

disableMultiGroup?: boolean

Disables multi-grouping for the table.

Defaults to false.

isMultiGroupEvent?: (event: Event) => boolean

Allows overriding the default multi-group behavior.

Takes an Event and returns whether the action triggers a multi-group.

Defaults to multi-group on shift-click.

Column Options

Options passed into column definitions.

const columns = table.createColumns([
    header: 'Name',
    accessor: 'name',
    plugins: {
      group: { ... },

disable?: boolean

Disables grouping on the column.

Defaults to false.

getAggregateValue?: (values) => any

Defines how an aggregated values is calculated for the column.

Receives values of the column cells in the group and returns the value to display for the grouping row.

Defaults to displaying a blank cell.

getGroupOn?: (value) => string | number

Defines the value that rows should be grouped on. Rows are grouped by equal values i.e. all rows that are grouped by a column share the same value for the column. Equivalently, getGroupOn defines the value to show on the grouping row.

Required if value is not a string or number, defaults to (value) => value.

cell?: ({ column, row, value }, state) => RenderConfig

Defines the component to use for the body cells of aggregated values on grouping rows.

cell is a function that takes

  1. an object with a reference to the BodyRow, DataColumn, and value of the cell, and
  2. TableState,

and returns a RenderConfig.

Defaults to returning value as is.

Prop Set

Extensions to the view model.

Subscribe to .props() on the respective table components.

{#each $headerRows as headerRow (headerRow.id)}
  <Subscribe rowProps={headerRow.props()} let:rowProps>
    {rowProps.group} <!-- HeaderRow props -->
    {#each headerRow.cells as cell (cell.id)}
      <Subscribe props={cell.props()} let:props>
        {props.group} <!-- HeaderCell props -->


grouped: boolean

Whether the data column represented by the header cell is currently grouped.

disabled: boolean

Whether grouping is disabled on the column represented by the header cell.

toggle: (event: Event) => void

Toggles grouping on the data column represented by the header cell.

clear: () => void

Clears grouping on the data column represented by the header cell.


repeated: boolean

Whether the data cell is a repeated cell in a group.

aggregated: boolean

Whether the data cell is an aggregated cell on a grouping row.

grouped: boolean

Whether the data cell is an active grouping cell on a grouping row.

Plugin State

State provided by addGroupBy.

const { headerRows, rows, pluginStates } = table.createViewModel(columns);
const { ... } = pluginStates.group;

groupByIds: ArraySetStore<string>

The active grouping keys.

ArraySetStore<string> is equivalent to Writable<string[]> with additional methods for set behavior.

ArraySetStore#toggle: (item, { clearOthers?: boolean }) => void

If item is in the set, remove it. If item is not in the set, add it.

If clearOthers is true, toggle item and remove all other elements in the set.

ArraySetStore#add: (item) => void

Add item to the set if it does not already exist in the set.

ArraySetStore#remove: (item) => void

Remove item from the set if it exists in the set.

ArraySetStore#clear: () => void

Remove all items from the set.

Interactions with other plugins


When addGroupBy is defined before addSortBy, all grouped values will be sorted within each group.

When addGroupBy is defined after addSortBy, only the top-level rows will be sorted.


addGroupBy should be defined after addColumnFilters to ensure aggregate values are updated when filters are updated.


addGroupBy should be defined after addTableFilter to ensure aggregate values are updated when filters are updated.


addGroupBy does not provide any visual feedback. Refer to addExpandedRows for examples.